Proxy Types

Since the creation of proxies on the web, there have grown to be a variety of types of proxies. Each type of proxy has various strength with regards to its abilities, but they also have their weaknesses or things that they lack the ability to do. The main types of proxies that exist today are PHP, Glype, Zelune, and CGI proxies.

PHP Proxies (Phproxy)

PHP proxies, also known as phproxy, are easy for proxy webmasters to use. Little customization is needed and a webmasters can simply upload the proxy script, change the ad codes, and be ready to go. PHProxys do not cause much server load so they are prefered to some of the other types of proxies.

Glype Proxies

Glype proxies are relatively new in the realm of proxies, but they have many advantages. Glype proxies proxified webpages on the fly, so that instead of waiting for an entire page to load, it load part by part. The level of customization that a glype proxy has is indeed quite impressive. Many plugins can be added that allow support for things, such as loging into MySpace or watching YouTube videos. Glype proxies are ideal for webmasters that have previous experience and want a greater level of control over their proxies.

Zelune Proxies

Zelune proxies claim to be the fastest and most server resource effecient proxy script, although I have my doubts. Zelune proxies are indeed fast, but Glype proxies are slightly faster in my opinion because they load webpages on the fly. Although a zelune proxy may not be the fastest proxy type, they are still effective at maintaining a load server load. Zelune claims to add plugins for various websites like Glype has done, but up to now this has not yet been completed.

CGI Proxies

CGI proxies on the other hand are quite server resource intensive and are considered server hogs by many webmasters. However, they do have the advantage of javascript, flash, etc. support. This ability gives them an edge over the other types of proxies which lack the ability to support these. CGI proxies may use a lot of resources but they also have their advantages.