These php proxys allows users to view any blocked website at school or work. Our proxy list of working, available, and free proxies may be useful to you. Usually in schools and work certain web sites are blocked to watch you, except while using this free anonymous phproxy website. You may access your desired blocked website easily by entering the URL into the browse box. You can access MySpace, FaceBook, and YouTube to surf the web and even watch house online - Yet you remain totally secure and anonymous!

What is a php proxy?

A free phproxy allows visitors to anonymously surf the web and view their favorite websites. PHP Proxys generate revenue off of ads that are shown to users on the proxys proxified webpages. Additionally, ads can be shown on the main webpage and banner ads may be sold to 3rd party publishers. PHProxys hosting costs a fair amount as these free proxy services to users, which enable them to surf the web anonymously are very resource intensive. Even though these are free anonymous services to the visitors, the webmaster must still generate enough money from ads to pay for their php proxy hosting. That is a brief run down of how free php proxys work.

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