Proxy Ads

Proxy webmasters use ads as a method of generating money that will pay for their proxies hosting and generate revenue for themselves. There are many different advertising choices that proxy webmasters have to choose from with regards to ads, such as CPM, CPC, CPA, and popups / popunders. Depending on which combination of ads a webmaster uses, a proxy will generate more money or less. It is important that proxies are not completely plastered with ads because there is a tradeoff between money created from ads and if the amount of type of ads will drive visitors away.


CPM ads are ideal on proxies because the number of pageviews per visitor is generally quite high, usually in he range of 10-15 pageviews / visitors. Unfortunately, many proxy webmasters are unable to get into quality publisher programs with proxies, so most proxy webmasters will have to settle for low rate CPM ads through Adbrite. CPM ads on proxies are usually shown on the proxified webpages as opposed to the main webpage of the proxy.

CPC Ads - Adsense

CPC ads are used on the main webpage of the proxy as they are prohibited to be used on the proxified pages (at least for Adsense). CPC ads from Adsense on the main webpage of proxies generate the majority of the revenue for proxy webmasters. For this reason, it is important that proxy webmasters optimize the keywords of their main page, so that they can target higher paying proxy related keywords.

CPA Ads - CPAlead

CPA ads use has recently increased on proxies as proxy webmasters have realized that they are an effective method of monitizing proxified pages. CPA ads can be placed on proxified webpages, so that users can not view the content / continue to their next desired website unless they complete a CPA offer. Granted this can drive away a large portion of the visitors on your proxy website, it can also be used to generate a much greater revenue from proxified webpages than CPM ads.

Popup / Popunder Ads - Adversal

Adversal is by far the best popup / pounder advertisers because of their high paying rate, consistent payouts, support, and overall image. It may be a challenge to enter into the Adversal network with a proxy though, so I suggest that you apply with another website to ensure that you get accepted. Popup ads and popunder ads can be used on proxified pages to monitize them quite effectively. I would argue that popups or popunders could be used to CPM ads on proxified pages to generate more money than CPA ads. Additionally, popups and popunder ads are not as annoying as CPAlead offers, so they will likely drive less visitors away. Popunder and popup ads can monitize proxified pages as well as Adsense on the main page of a proxy if you are in the right advertising networks.